About Us

The freshest shell eggs. Built on a tradition of uncompromising quality control.

For more than 60 years, Dixie Egg Company has been producing and distributing fresh shell eggs to customers in the Southeastern U.S. and a variety of locations around the globe. With over three million hens in operations in South Georgia, Dixie Egg Company is one of the largest egg producers in the country, marketing over a billion eggs per year.

In the egg business, freshness and quality is everything. Dixie Egg Company has no third party components in its fresh shell egg delivery system – guaranteeing the freshest shell eggs possible. Dixie Egg Company also produces its own feed further enhancing all quality assurance.

When it comes to retail and foodservice distribution, speed and reliability is paramount. That’s why Dixie Egg Company owns all of its refrigerated trucks and all drivers are directly employed by the company.

Uncompromising quality control standards, seamless service mechanisms and commodity-based pricing are all integrated into Dixie Egg Company’s time-proven and tested vertical marketing and supply chain.