History and Mission

Jacob Klempf

In 1920, Jacob Klempf came to America from Poland in hopes of a better life. At just 20 years old, he arrived on Ellis Island and found work as an egg candler, a person who uses a special light to view imperfections in shell eggs. He later moved to Wisconsin where he traversed the farmlands collecting and purchasing eggs from farmers’ wives, then cleaning and packaging them to sell to local grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries. His son Edward Klempf learned the business as a child by watching his father, and at the age of 21, started Dixie Egg Company in 1948 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Edward Klempf

Since then, Dixie Egg Company – now headed by third-generation egg farmer and CEO Jacques Klempf – has grown to be one of the preeminent egg producers in the United States with many operating companies, feed mills and high-tech processing plants. Under the tutelage of his father Edward and decades of hands-on experience, Jacques has fine-tuned the rock solid business practices that have been Dixie Egg Company’s reputation since Humpty Dumpty began gracing its cartons in 1948.

Jacques Klempf

Jacques joined the company after attending FSU in 1979 and now oversees all aspects of egg production, processing, marketing and distribution. He maintains an active role in industry associations and has held positions on multiple egg industry boards. His hand’s-on approach, along with a dedicated management team and over 250 employees, is what has made Dixie Egg Company one of the most successful producers of the freshest, highest quality shell eggs in the country.

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