Our Family of Companies

Foodonics International, Inc. is the holding company and central operating system for Dixie Egg Company’s entire fresh shell egg delivery system. All administrative and financial decisions for operations in Alabama, Florida and Georgia are implemented in Jacksonville, Fla.

Dixie Egg Company of Florida

Established in 1948, Dixie Egg Company is the marketing arm for Foodonics International, Inc. with an annual distribution of 25 million+ dozen eggs. The Jacksonville headquarters is home base to Foodonics International employees, and provides a warehousing and distribution center for all Florida based customers.

Dixie Egg Company also holds the Eggland’s Best franchise for most of Florida, as well as parts of Georgia and Alabama, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.[/col]

Dixie Egg Company of Georgia

Established in 1973, Dixie Egg Company of Georgia, located in Blackshear, Ga. serves as the processing arm and a distribution center for Foodonics International, Inc. Dixie Egg Company of Georgia processes, grades and packs approximately 50 million+ dozen eggs annually. This includes 20 million+ dozen eggs a year directly to many of our retail and food service customers and 30 million+ dozen distributed via Dixie Egg Company Florida and Alabama.

Dixie Egg Company of Alabama

Established in 1999, Dixie Egg Company of Alabama is our sister plant, located in Dothan, Ala. Foodonics International, Inc. acquired Shimoda Egg Farm, a solid company that had been in business since 1949. This key operating facility allows us to distribute over 15 million+ dozen eggs to the Florida Panhandle, Alabama and parts of Louisiana and Mississippi each year.

This acquisition also included the Eggland’s best franchise for the panhandle of Florida, most of Alabama and several counties in Mississippi.

Dixie Egg Company of Puerto Rico

A marketing arm that ships retail and foodservice shell eggs out of Dixie Egg Company operations in Georgia.

Foodonics Feed Division

Established in 1994, Foodonics Feed Division, located in Patterson, Ga., provides 100 percent of the finished feed for all our live production. Quality control starts here as the feed mill manufactures over 400 tons of feed per day for our layer and pullet flocks. Foodonics Feed Division also manufacturers feed on a cost plus basis to other companies. Total live production fed through the mill is 4 million birds and 200+ heads of cattle as well as a hog operation of approximately 2,000 heads.

Foodonics Production Division

Established in 1994, Foodonics Production Division is located in Hoboken, Ga. and owns over 3,000,000 chickens that are placed on company owned farms as well as contract growing facilities. By owning, housing and controlling our own hens, we can maintain and control our stringent quality standards.

Approximately 3 million chickens are in the laying cycle and 800,000 are started pullets.

Foodonics Equities

Foodonics Equities holds various real estate properties in Northeast Florida for rental and investment purposes.

Specialty Marketing Services

Our customers are our top priority. Specialty Marketing Services is the merchandising sales team which ensures we have thorough retail coverage in each marketing area. Our retail team works in the stores to promote and merchandise all of our shell egg products so that our customers are receiving the same exceptional service for which we’ve been known since 1948.

Dixie Cattle Company

Dixie Cattle Company, based in Hoboken, Ga. produces Certified Angus Beef, trades cattle and raises bulls and cows. Our cattle are used to improve stocks throughout the Southeast by integrating new blood lines into existing cattle stocks.