Quality Assurance

From our climate controlled hen houses to our production facilities to the consumer’s kitchen, our commitment to quality control is evident.

Healthy hens produce quality eggs.

We take great pride in delivering only the highest quality eggs – which starts with feeding and treating the hens right. All of our hens are fed an all-vegetarian feed allowing them to lay nutritionally superior eggs; hormones or antibiotics are never used. Dixie Egg Company oversees the entire process from feed to retail, so we have complete control over the freshness and quality of the eggs, from our farms to your local stores.

The latest technology in processing.

As soon as an egg is laid, it’s processed and packaged within a day. An egg grading machine washes, cleans and packs the eggs according to weight. Using the latest egg-handling and candling technology, each egg is checked for imperfections such as cracks, stains, blood spots and leakers. Quality control separates substandard eggs then each egg is sanitized, cleaned, and weighed to determine size and then packaged accordingly.

Safely delivering the freshest eggs.

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks delivers eggs to our processing plants and into the marketplace. To further ensure quality control, we own and operate all of the trucks in our fleet and drivers are directly employed by Dixie Egg Company.