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Did you know the eggs you eat have never been fertilized? In fact, you don’t need a rooster at all to produce an egg; hens lay eggs naturally when properly cared for.

Who knows which came first – the chicken or the egg?

What we do know is the process through which an egg goes between the time it’s laid to the time it’s packaged. As soon as an egg is laid, it’s processed and packaged within a day.

Animal Agriculture is essential.

While only two percent of the population feeds the other 98 percent, consumers for the most part, are uniformed about animal agriculture and the foods in which they eat. It’s not typically part of grade school curriculum or widely publicized in the media. As agriculture-related issues make their way onto voting ballots, the general public should take time to learn about the foods they consume and enjoy, in order to make informed decisions when it’s time to vote on farm bills, subsidies and animal welfare.

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