Your Private Label

Provide your specifications, we’ll handle the rest.

As a business, Dixie Egg Company understands the need to differentiate a product or support a brand in an increasingly competitive market. If you represent a specialty food store or large retail chain, and would like your own branded egg produced, we can help. Dixie Egg Company goes beyond simply designing your branding, packaging and graphics, we grow specialty shell eggs for your specific need.

Our Eggs. Your Brand.

Whether it’s a specialty shell egg with some of the highest levels of Omega 3 and Lutein on the market or simply a cage-free egg with your stamped logo – by developing a special blend of our patented chicken feed, we can customize shell eggs to meet your needs.

As the rules and regulations surrounding our industry ensure strict quality control and animal health, Dixie Egg Company only uses natural methods to modify our eggs. For example, if you would like a darker yolk, we adjust the type and concentration of Marigold petals in our feed. By providing various vitamin and mineral blends, we can get quite creative with the end result, all within Mother Nature’s guidelines.

Contact us today to learn how we can boost your brand with our quality fresh shell eggs.