We work hard to reduce our environmental footprint

    • Feed efficiency
    • Advancements in hen housing systems
  • Better disease control
  • Manure management
  • Reduction in natural resources


Everything we need for survival and well being depends on our natural environment. That’s why at Dixie Egg Company, we’re socially, economically and environmentally committed to sustainability. As farmers, we understand the importance of protecting the land, water and air for our communities and future generations.

Every year, we improve our production practices which allows us to provide an affordable source of high-quality protein while using fewer resources and producing less waste. Over the years, we’ve reduced our environmental footprint in every aspect of the shell egg production process, from cultivating feed to caring for laying hens.

A landmark 50-year study funded by the American Egg Board documented the U.S. egg industry’s reduced environmental footprint.

The study found that from 1960 to 2010:

Solid commitment. Less waste. A reduced environmental footprint.